Hosaphone(tm) Performing Artists

Trip Anchor, co-host of SPANQ!

Trip Anchor, co-host of SPANQ!, a RealAudio show heard daily on the Internet, displays his signature edition Hosaphone(tm). Built personally by the inventor of the beloved Hosaphone(tm), Ellis Workman, who values this fine instrument at $15,000.00 (excluding mouthpiece and case).

Trip Anchor, co-host of SPANQ! with Hosaphone(tm)

Bold and proud Trip was delighted to receive such a wonderful instrument this early in his sparkling career, since one would normally expect such an honor to be presented to a music faculty member on the occasion of their retirement party.

Trip Anchor, co-host of SPANQ! with Hosaphone(tm)

The glorious, yet mystical, sound of the revered Hosaphone(tm) owes much of its joyous splendor to the use of a unique construction material -- over-looked by under-valved instrument designers -- which produces that "warm plastic" sound. Unlike the so-called Natural Trumpet which uses cold, hard metals the Hosaphone(tm) doesn't hide behind a shield of metal alloy. Employing plastic as a major design element in the Hosaphone(tm) allows it to play flexi-free and be totally transparent to players and listeners alike.

Hosaphone(tm) Headquarters shares in Trip's excitement as he enjoys his newfound status as Staff Hosaphone(tm) Player for SPANQ!