Hosaphone(tm) Performing Artists

Hosaphone(tm) Performing Artists

It is a great privilege to showcase our select group. If you are interested in being among those chosen to appear here, you should immediately apply to Hosaphone(tm) Headquarters for consideration in joining the ranks to become one of the fully recognized Hosaphone(tm) Performing Artists. If you can cut the mustard, it is sure to impress the locals.

Trip Anchor, co-host of SPANQ!

Trip Anchor, co-host of SPANQ!, a RealAudio show heard daily on the Internet, displays his signature edition Hosaphone(tm). Built personally by the inventor of the beloved Hosaphone(tm), Ellis Workman, who values this fine instrument at $15,000.00 (excluding mouthpiece and case).

Trip Anchor, co-host of SPANQ! with Hosaphone(tm)

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